2011: Future brings some Flashbacks of the Past

2011 has arrived. How time passes! Next month I’ll be 18 years. People get shockingly surprised when they learn I am not yet 18 coz I have a bushy face. Needs constant grooming. Moreover, the problem is I’m quite lazy. So, I practically do nothing like trimming and eventually, my stubble gives way to a creepy looking weed. And I still don’t bother. I actually get irritated when people torture me with all the remarks. And I can’t fail to exclaim when I remember there was a time when, as I child, I craved for even a single trace of hair on my face.

When I was a small toddler, I used to see my seniors. I must be in 3rd-4th class. 12th seemed so far away like it would never ever come. Like school was all I got. And here I am about to complete my first semester in college. School seems like past now where college seemed to be a foggy future back then. When I entered 5th class it seemed like it took me forever reaching that milestone. And suddenly the next 7 years were a blur. Time used to stand still in the childhood days. But now it flies. When they say people are more fast paced now, I gaze accusingly at the clock. I cannot prove it but clock does run faster now.

I have always been a little eccentric personality. When children used to play and dance, I used to think about writing a diary so that I could capture these moments for the future (it doesn’t help that I’m a pathetic dancer). There was a period in between when I used to sit on the terrace in the night, alone, watching all the stars and the clouds drifting by and the moon playing hide-n-seek between them. I used to go round and round just to get that giddy feeling in the head. I used to…

Well, that time is gone and buried. I now sit all day long in front of a glowing screen, scrolling up and down a single page hundreds of times that has been central to my social life lately. However much I try to break away from Facebook, its long and slender tentacles lull me in a dreamy sleep where each of my status garners hundreds of likes. I guess I should try something new, like regularly updating this blog, or actually start studying. Or learn a new language. I recently tangentially met a girl who knows German. Sign language is also one of my goals.

This year has already been quite eventful for me. I found my wallet (had lost it last month). I revamped my blog. Main exams are going to start day after tomorrow. My plate is full. My appetite is larger than ever. Makes for a nice battle. Let’s see what the future holds for me.

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Diary of a… Diary

Wed, 17 Nov ’10

Dear Diary (that’s me!),

I was discovered when people started scribbling on caves. Historians have got it all wrong; the cavemen didn’t do those paintings for future generations. They did those paintings for their record. That’s why they were in caves so no one could see them. Duh!Since then, people share with me their deepest secrets. i loved to be the secretkeeper. But it has become a burden for me. So much so that I have to maintain my own diary so I myself don’t go insane.

Moreover, they irritate me with their so-called literature! Excellent works were done 200-300 years back. Since then writing habits have deteriorated to the point that I just have to close my eyes shut and my ears shut but their sights pierce my eyes and their voices pierce my ears; they are actually so much boring. Earlier it was more poetic and euphemistic; nowadays they just need a pen but no brain: just blabber on and on – expletives included – thinking no one will ever gonna read it. I’m reading it, you fool! Put a little more effort. Even they themselves read it again.

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My Honeymoon with a Black Box

There was a time in my life when I talked to my people. But how the life changes! Now I chat, text, ping, post but hardly ‘talk’. Let me make this clear – this post is not going in the direction of useless romantic nostalgia of the Days Long Back. Instead I’m turning inwards and see how technology has changed my life.

It has changed for the good, to be frank. And here’s your answer. For anyone who never was interested in my post or writing, but simply wanted to satiate his curiosity of knowing what happened at the end, he can go. For the post will here on delve into the deep end of how’s and why’s.

The computer came into my home about 6 years back when it became clear that PowerPoint presentations in schools were a way of life now and we couldn’t afford anymore to pay steeply to the cyber cafes. Before that I didn’t know a word of computer beyond MS Paint. I only saw computers in the school lab where they were intended to be untouched and unused for the next generation as artifacts. They even looked like one, the white zenith PCs (shudder to think they existed once upon a time!).
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How I was Mainstreamed

When I was small, I was not exactly outgoing. Social interactions were always my weak point. Over at any guest’s place, however I wanted to eat that biscuit in the plate and however aunties persuaded me to do so, I never picked one up. I did all my stuff with few questions and hardly any objection (but I am not saying I was not lazy!). I enjoyed my time by watching all the drama called life, but never participated in it. Nothing ruffled my hair, so I was content.

On the other hand, my sister used to be the centre of attraction. She was comfortable with crowds, I preferred to run away to solitude. She used to push me to participate in school events. I still remember, I was a recurring figure whenever poem recitation competitions used to take place. And I was a total disaster. Only once did I completed my poem. Otherwise, I used to stare at the crowd (which stared back rudely at me), fidgeting and straining hard to remember the next line. But failure after failure, year after year, I went back to stage. It was only much later I realised that I am not made for these things.

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