Can there be a perfect post?

I don’t remember when I wrote my last post. I got my lappie two weeks back. And since having Windows Live Writer, I always fuss about the formatting and the not the writing itself.

Well it’s not completely true. I fuss just too much on content too. There are a dozen drafts living in my dashboard since eternity. And many have died the cruel and sudden death of a whimsical delete button. After writing two paragraphs I start afresh thinking of a new idea. Even as I write this post, many things pull me away from it. I’m on and off the computer more than the net words I’ve written right now.

So I’ll explain how it all happens. Firstly, I notice I’ve not written my blog for quite some time now. I open it and just drool over  (for approximately 5 minutes) how nice looking the whole interface is and thank wordpress for it. Then I wonder if there exists any soul in the world who sees this beautiful webpage. Bang comes the dashboard and the stats in front of me. If I get a spike in recent views from 2 to jaw-dropping 3, I get excited enough to finally put FB aside and click the ‘new post’.

Nowadays after having the new lappie one more step gets involved. I realise I have Writer and then I abandon the post in order to open my newly acquired app. When I notice how I’ve not even updated my BiNGs, I get a mini depression for about 15 seconds or so. Afterwards my heart skips another beat after seeing my beautiful blog, I actually start writing – on some deep, personal or funny idea.

The writer’s block comes eerily always between the middle of second para and the start of third one. The creativity runs its course and the burden of completing the post sets in, all this without compromising the quality (audience first, remember?). I think of twists and turns to current story. Which makes me think about the title. The story would have changed so much so that title doesn’t match it. But I put so much thought in the title that my heart breaks to delete it. Therefore, I decide to make a wholly new entry and delete the current one.

Then, the story repeats itself yet again. And again. Until FB starts calling me badly. And thus my blog lies in dust; almost my stepchild. But not anymore. Big changes are underway. My BiNGs will just go at the end of the post. and posts will be more frequent. Not now. Later on. When I finally put my ideas in pen and paper. =)

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  1. 1 cn easily fal in luv wid ur posts…dey r simply scintillating…..!!!!!
    i ws almst lost in ur posts..AMAZING!!!!!
    KEEP D GD WRK ON!!!!!!!

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