My Honeymoon with a Black Box

There was a time in my life when I talked to my people. But how the life changes! Now I chat, text, ping, post but hardly ‘talk’. Let me make this clear – this post is not going in the direction of useless romantic nostalgia of the Days Long Back. Instead I’m turning inwards and see how technology has changed my life.

It has changed for the good, to be frank. And here’s your answer. For anyone who never was interested in my post or writing, but simply wanted to satiate his curiosity of knowing what happened at the end, he can go. For the post will here on delve into the deep end of how’s and why’s.

The computer came into my home about 6 years back when it became clear that PowerPoint presentations in schools were a way of life now and we couldn’t afford anymore to pay steeply to the cyber cafes. Before that I didn’t know a word of computer beyond MS Paint. I only saw computers in the school lab where they were intended to be untouched and unused for the next generation as artifacts. They even looked like one, the white zenith PCs (shudder to think they existed once upon a time!).

So, what started as a mystery ended up being a passion. I was right at home with the computer. Loved to explore new features. Leaf through pages and pages of crappy help center of XP. Go through the seemingly unending array of menus and submenus in Office. As I became more confident and assured that the computer was just bits and bytes and that it cannot be blown away just like that, I started delving deep into it. It was then that I opened the System Drive – THE C drive… It showed a warning that opening it may cause ‘harmful effects’ or some blah blah. Just went through the heaps and heaps of system files. Among hundreds of different icons that I didn’t know, I would spot some music clip of xp or a notepad exe. This was enough for me so I came to C drive again and again until I was satisfied I could know no more about it. But it did give me feeling of superiority that I know where my files are placed. It was actually an aha! moment when I spotted the desktop folder.

Then came the Net. It was about two years later. I now come upon a conclusion that it was a milestone moment for me and I now just can’t imagine now how people can exist without it. I was one of the few kids who had net at home. Rather a luxury just 4 years back! Just goes on to show how India has changed in so small a time… And people say there’s no development. These small things are what precipitate into BIG things.

And no. The arrival of net didn’t exactly set the wheels rolling. It was still just an information gathering source for me. The first useful thing I did was to make the most beautiful powerpoint presentation in my life. I still remember it like yesterday. Topic was some Hierarchy of living things. Kingdoms, phylums, classes etc. Each slide contained pictures from encarta et al (didn’t know about wikipedia then – which is now one of my favourite and dependable sites). It was made during the 2 month long summer holidays. Scattered with clip arts and specially downloaded fonts, it was my one prize possession. But just 5 days remaining to go to school, my sister – horror O horror! one can still hear my heart aching – deleted it. I has saved it in the desktop. But she treated it like a shortcut (dumbhead.. huh) and deleted it not only from the desktop but also the recycle bin. The reason she gave was she liked to to keep it clean.

So as I said we downloaded some occasional songs etc etc, but it was in the extended summer holidays after Xth Boards that I actually starting consuming the content rather than gathering it. I joined orkut.

Now many of you may be laughing out very very loud, but it is actually popular in India (as a fact fanatic, I found the only country which keeps orkut running is Brazil). It was then that I saw the usefulness – rather uselessness – of Net. And it was fun! ^.^

I was introduced to the world of blog during this time. I came to know about wikipedia and RSS, how yahoo! is going down and facebook is coming up. Yes, I follow these trends on obscure tech blogs and follow the flame wars there. This has helped me to know which is the hottest thing of the season. Facebook was at that time. And I wanted to sign in. Well, I try out every thing that intrigues me. Check out the labs of every site I visit. Basically I have to see something that’s new and has everybody’s tongues wagging, even if I cannot understand what’s exactly going on. But couldn’t create facebook account nevertheless coz they asked for some network and my school didn’t figure in them. I finally succeeded after many repeated attempts when they opened facebook for general public. I found Facebook highly appealing. The like button caught my fancy and I saw how much it’s interface was pleasing compared to old orkut. But what good is a social network without society? So I finally started using facebook about 1-2 years back. And it’s my life since then. My second home. :’)

For a brief period, just before I made my account on FB, I was a wikipedia lover, as I said. I regularly searched for new articles, specially featured ones. I still love it, but FB is so time consuming, I guess, I have to delete it some day. But now I have found a novel way to do so. Windows live! It has got FB updates right there. And it doesn’t have so many distractions like fb. No like pages, no tags. Just the main content like status updates, photos and the like. And I like it. But I do miss my like button. =(

In short, I’ve progressed in just a couple of couple years, from a clueless boy to highly addictive guy. But as I know more, the more I know how less do I know. I still have a long way to go. My target? Software engineer. Not just because everyone does it, but because I genuinely love it. And if not that then I guess some computer scientist or whatever they are called. As soon as I’m attached with something digital, I’m happy.  :)

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  1. i think u shd write novels…people wud luv it..!!!!!

  2. yess do write a novel……i will buy it n read it as welll….ok these things aside…i personally like..that “deleting your powerpoint presentation” part..:D …i am a spice in your life..;)

    • Not just the ppt? I remember the time of day too. It was a little cloudy that day… Because I sat in front of computer just looking out the window… shocked and grieved!

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