it’s my freshers tommorow!!

My blogs typically have been virtual diaries for me. If ever I lie in them, I have a guilt that haunts me for weeks. So, I have decided to be truthful and not say anything that is far from truth. That is, this blog will represent the frame of my mind at ‘that’ particular instant. More like a text-based camera. And I’m still in the search of the real me. Stumbling, facing or running away from life – each opens up a new aspect of me. And all thanks to FB, I like to share it all.

Well, today is a rather important as well as controversial topic. My Freshers. Now it is important because it has occupied my mind since like, the last couple of days? and controversial because even if a single person from my college gets to read it, I’m dead. Literally. Can only hope my readers keep this info with themselves only. *Fingers crossed*

Let’s start from the scratch. Before college, to me freshers was an important part of our college welcome. And I was mentally preparing how to get talking to my seniors. Since I am reserve by nature, I actually made elaborate plans in my mind how to overcome this inertia and how to get talking to random strangers, just like that.

And when i finally entered college, it was not the best entry one can imagine. My hair were uncut as usual. It didn’t get a haircut even before my first day because it was not up in my priority list, even though I slightly worried seniors would make fun of me. As you must get used to now, I absolutely hate and detest anything related to planning my hair. My image is right now of a fuzzy, ‘Einstein’-like child which is not very far from my rather non-conformist and liberal soul. I got to know many faces in my class eventually (forgot their names after multiple attempts) and started all those studies: that people never told me happened in college when they glossed over their romanticised college tales. One detail that still remained elusive for several weeks was a rather important one – my seniors.

They didn’t contact us. So, I theorised it must be due toa successful anti-ragging campaign by DU. But after 2 weeks it was clear they were not interested at all in the interactions. Like I cared. Happy with all the things that life gave me, I moved on imagining my dept must be a studious one. But two days back, my seniors came and told us, “Bingo! Tuesday is your freshers!” And I hate this damp squib. Announcement of freshers is a rather late one. All my excitement has died.

But wait, it’s not a complete no-no situation. The theme is great – retro hollywood bollywood. The way they presented (ASCII codes!) and the way they interacted was inspiring after a long gap. I immediately started brainstorming how I would be dressing up. But again. They did it yet again. No, not my seniors but my classmates. They want to dress up perfectly and don’t want to experiment AT ALL. The theme of Sholay was great IMHO but no one entertained the idea except Barkha. They in the process labelled me as usual mad and quirky. Had they presented me any other option I would have agreed but no one has decided as yet. And would be coming in (I suspect) usual suits and sarees. About guys, I really don’t know.

So what? Am I being too picky? Maybe yes, but then to each his/her own. If they don’t want experimentation be it, but I can’t live WITHOUT it. And since no one put in any type of effort to make it a collective success, why should I bother? Still a mystery to me how they could be absent a day before, just the day when planning is crucial! I know life will chug along as usual. And because I have no gut feeling that forces me to go and attend freshers, I’m skipping it. One of the reasons may also be that my own dress is not ready. =)

I’m feeling sleepy right now. Let me go to sleep. There’s more to this story than just this thing. But I guess I’ll complete it later. And one last note to myself – DO NOT ADVERTISE THIS BLOG TO COLLEGE FOLKS!!!! =D

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  1. ur vocab z d main attraction of ur writing….oops…nt jst writing,bt d thread of ur feelings….!!!!

  2. Finally i know it all…and this was better than what u told me :)

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